Depression & Anxiety Seminar at Kirribilli

The next seminar in our “Let’s Talk About…” series will be an informative time to learn more about depression and anxiety and how to care well for someone in your life going through it – even if that person is you! This topic will be covered from both a clinical and spiritual perspective.

As a church that cares for people in all stages of life, including people who are dealing with depression and anxiety, we want our people to be well informed about what this is and also clear about what it is not.

The evening will aim to help you gain a deeper understanding of both issues and better equip you to care for people (with more empathy), that you know and love who live with depression and anxiety.  This year we will be running the seminar on Monday at Kirribilli and repeating it on Thursday at Macquarie Park, so please choose whichever evening and location suits you, and feel free to bring any family and friends who would find this content helpful.

Please register for the Kirribilli event here.

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