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Introduce a friend to Jesus

Most people have never read the Bible as an adult. What better way to introduce Jesus to someone than letting them discover and explore Him themselves by reading the Bible with you. 

You don’t need any resources to read the Bible with a non-Christian friend, you could just open it with them.  However, a great tool is ‘The Word One to One’.  These booklets divide the gospel into accessible, bitesize episodes which take 20-30 minutes to read together.  It provides everything you need to take a friend through the book of John, including the passage, helpful notes and talking points along the way.

Watch God Work

Inviting someone to read the Bible with you can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  You’ll invite them in a conversational and low-pressure way and at first you’re only asking them if they want to give it a try. 

Trust that God is already at work in your friends’ hearts.  The truths you will be sharing are captivating and life changing.  At the end of the day, it’s not about us at all, but about Jesus revealing Himself to our friends through his Word.  We are helping them engage with what the original eyewitnesses wrote about Jesus. 

So be confident: God is at work, and He longs to grow your faith by using you to share the gospel with others. 

GET STARTED: We’d love to encourage you and pray for you as you begin reading one-to-one. Click here to get started and receive a starter-pack, some training resources and you can order a copy of The Word One to One.



We’ve put together a training video that we’d love you to watch before you commence.


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