2022 is our ‘Year of Loving the Nations!’

God’s heart is for all people from all nations, and God is powerfully at work in many different cultures in extraordinary ways. As we grow in our awareness and expectations of what God is doing in other parts of the world, our vision of God, who He is and what He could and is doing in our own part of the world, will increase. If we are disciples of Jesus, we are already part of God’s global church.

We long to humbly learn from the ways Christians are serving in different contexts, and to engage in Jesus’ global mission by praying, partnering, giving and going.

We aspire to be a church with increasing ethnic diversity, seeking to reach those God is bringing to our own community from the different nations. We want every member of our church to share God’s heart for the nations, and to engage in God’s work prayerfully and practically, both locally and globally.

In 2022, we’d love every member to have this mindset. “Think Global: Act Local”!


  1. PRAY: Choose a nation & pray for that nation.  Sign up here so we can cover the world in prayer.
  2. PARTNER: Intentionally connect with 1 of our existing mission partners – subscribe to their newsletter, pray regularly, send them an encouraging note or gift.
  3. GIVE: Jesus said, ‘where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’. Maybe 2022 could be a year where you give ‘above and beyond’ your regular giving, to global gospel need, an individual or mission agency.
  4. GO: Go on a missions conference, a short term mission, a regional church mission or beach mission. Maybe you could serve at Everyday English, to connect with the nations who are coming to us here in Sydney.

We believe the most on fire Christians are those seeing the powerful work of God among the nations and longing to see it here.

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