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Why We Invite…

The word ‘go’ appears in the Bible 1514 times – ‘go & tell, go & invite, go & make disciples.’ If we don’t ‘go’ and invite our friends, family, neighbours, colleagues to ‘come & see’ what Jesus is like, they will never have the opportunity to say ‘yes’.

You never know what questions the people around you are asking or how God has been at work. An invitation might be just what that person is looking for, it could be a sign for them or confirmation that they need to investigate. It might be just the right timing, or if it is not the right timing now, it could be in the future.

The reason you are reading this today is because no doubt some brave soul in your life plucked up the courage to invite you to ‘come & see what this whole Jesus thing is about.’ We are not responsible for how our friends will respond, but we are responsible for being brave and putting out the invite.

So be bold, trust God, love people and get inviting…

How We Invite…

….to Alpha

Draft Invitations to use


Hey, my church runs this course called Alpha.  It’s a series of group conversations that explore life, faith, meaning & God through a Christian lens. It’s a non-judgmental and open environment where it’s easy for anyone, with any point of view, to explore the big questions of life with new friends. 

On Tuesday [date], 7-9pm, we could try Session 1 of Alpha together… it will be a fun evening where we can find out if Alpha is for you. Here’s a link to the video trailer. Let me know if you’d like me to sign us up, or you can visit our website for more details.

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Got questions about life? Try Alpha! Starts Tuesday [date].

Text Message

Hey, my church runs this course called Alpha, it’s a place to explore the big questions of life and have conversations about things we rarely find time to consider like faith, meaning and God. It starts with a free dinner and I wondered if you would be interested in checking out the first session with me? It starts Tuesday [date] 7-9pm. Let me know, and we can go along together. Check out the trailer.

Social Media

We all have questions about life, but we rarely find the time to stop and explore answers. I’d like to invite anyone and everyone to come with me and start a conversation about the big questions of life, faith, meaning and God by coming along to our first session of Alpha. 

Check out the trailer here or visit my church’s website for more details.

Websites & Videos

Click here for more information on our website

5 Simple Steps of Evangelism

  1. Pray – always plead with God for people before we plead with people for God.
  2. Connect – we can’t share the love of Jesus with people we don’t see. Prioritise spending time together, not just so we can invite them, but because we enjoy them.
  3. Eat – over good food and relaxed hospitality there emerges the time and space to have good conversations.
  4. Share – tell our friends why we follow Jesus and what he means to us, no one can argue with a personal story, and it compellingly presents the power of the gospel in your life.
  5. Invite – we are not responsible for how our friends respond to an invitation, but we are responsible to be brave and invite.