Okay Parents – Teens & Mental Health Seminar

Parenting a teenager can feel overwhelming, so, how are YOU doing? Has your delightful primary aged kid turned into a sullen, moody stranger you don’t recognise? Do you want to know how you can navigate the troubled waters of adolescence and not just survive, but thrive?

Okay, Parents…You’ve got this.

At this workshop we will discuss tips on how to parent during this unique stage and equip you with skills so that you feel confident to parent your teen. We will discuss the joys and challenges of raising adolescents and how to prepare them well to launch into adulthood. 

Come along and join us from 6.30pm for some light snacks and mingling with other parents and the Ignite Youth Group – and we’ll start the parent seminar by 7pm on Friday 14th October. This is also a great opportunity to invite other parents you may know who are also feeling challenged by their teenagers!

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