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At Church, we believe that baptism is a significant symbol of the Gospel and of belonging to Christ’s spiritual body.

Adult Baptism:

If you’re an adult who was not baptised as an infant but in faith now wish to be so, we’d love to hear from you. We regularly conduct adult baptisms by full immersion in Sydney Harbour.

Infant Baptism (‘Christening’):

Infants can also be brought for baptism on the basis of their parent’s and godparent’s faith. Family religious tradition is a good thing and a broad respect for Christian moral standards can be very helpful, but these alone do not constitute grounds for baptism of your child. In a baptism service, you will state that you are a follower of Jesus, actively turning from sin and selfishness, and seeking to live as Jesus did, trusting his promises for you. You will also publicly promise that you will raise your child within the church community. For these reasons, parents wishing to have their children baptised must be active members of church (attending for at least 6 months). 

Infant Thanksgiving:

Having said that, we also offer a thanksgiving service for those wishing to thank God, celebrate and pray for their child within a Christian tradition. Please contact us if you are interested in this.


In 2022, we will have four Baptism Sundays across the year:

20th March, 29th May, 11th September and 13th November.

We hold four Baptism information sessions across the year, around 4 weeks prior to our Baptism Sundays that:

20th February, 1st May, 31st July and 16th October.

These are required if you are considering making a public dedclaration of faith and will take place from 12:30pm-2:30pm at Neutral Bay.

Register for an information session here.


Note: We do not do baptisms or thanksgiving for the purpose of School enrolments. 

Download this document for more details