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Prayer Gatherings

Prayer Gatherings

At church, we believe that prayer is an essential and wonderful part of communicating with God.  The Bible encourages us to ‘pray continually’ and prayer is part of everything we do here at church.  We also have monthly dedicated Prayer Gatherings during our Central Prayer Week.

We pray together to express the fact that we are utterly dependent on God for all things.  Other reasons are that it expresses our unity as believers coming together from different congregations, but part of one larger family; it teaches us how to pray as we listen to others, it enriches our fellowship as we meet people from different congregations and different ages and stages of life and faith; and it encourages our soul as we hear of how God has answered the prayers of the saints. That is one reason why our Connect Groups do not meet on the 1st week of each month – to enable us to come together as one family to pray! 

Our Central Prayer Week is the 1st week of each month, with our Prayer Evening on the 1st Wednesday at Kirribilli (7:45pm) and our Prayer Breakfast on the 1st Saturday at Neutral Bay (7:45am).

Our Wednesday evenings include singing, praying set liturgical prayers, praying in smaller groups, hearing answered prayers and praying for the needs of our church. Saturday mornings are quieter, with more of an emphasis on mission to our neighbourhood and nations. You don’t need to pray out loud – you can come and listen to the prayers of others and just say Amen.