Kirribilli Neutral Bay Macquarie Park
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Psalms by the Bridge

29 January 2018 Thirsting for God Paul Dale
28 January 2018 Satisfaction James Galea
22 January 2018 Trust in God Alone! Paul Dale
15 January 2018 Trusting God in tough times Ed Yorston
14 January 2018 Howl, Ask, Trust James Galea
7 January 2018 The Word and You James Galea
24 January 2016 God Likes Grass And So Do I Daniel Webster
17 January 2016 Gazing On The Beauty Of The Lord Paul Dale
10 January 2016 Praising God when you’ve forgotten His goodness. Andy Pearce
4 January 2016 Your Help Comes From The Lord Paul Dale
26 January 2015 The Joy of Forgiveness! Paul Dale
25 January 2015 What can wash away my sin? Andy Pearce
19 January 2015 The King’s Reach Andy Pearce
19 January 2015 A delighted demand: Sing, for the Lord Jesus reigns Daniel Webster
12 January 2015 Trust the Lord in the Midst of the Mud Daniel Webster