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From Grace We Love - Romans 12-16

Countless ordinary men and women have had their lives turned upside down and their thinking transformed, by the Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans. A recent scholar has suggested that ‘almost every spiritual revival has been in some way linked to a better understanding of Romans’. Romans is such an important, yet profoundly complex letter. Most people tend to focus on Chapters 1-11, with its wonderfully important theology, yet skip over the rich application of Chapters 12-16. This bible talk series focuses on these final 5 chapters.

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28 March 2021 God’s Family Paul Dale
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21 March 2021 The Four Chambers of Paul’s Heart Paul Dale
21 March 2021 Gospel People Nick Wood
14 March 2021 Accept One Another Paul Dale
14 March 2021 Strong vs Weak James Galea
7 March 2021 Love and Light: The Best Way to Live Ed Yorston
7 March 2021 Wake Up Andrew West
28 February 2021 Model Citizens Paul Dale
21 February 2021 Courageous Love Paul Dale
21 February 2021 The Masterpiece that is Love James Galea
14 February 2021 Thinking Rightly Nick Wood
14 February 2021 Humble Servants Andrew West
7 February 2021 True & Proper Worship Paul Dale
7 February 2021 Where is Your Place of Worship? James Galea