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Acts: Jesus To The Nations

20 September 2015 The Providence of God Paul Dale
20 September 2015 Off the cruise ship and into Jesus’ adventure Daniel Webster
13 September 2015 I am not ashamed of the gospel Paul Dale
13 September 2015 Hope in Jesus: Already begun! Daniel Webster
7 September 2015 The Courageous Christian Paul Dale
7 September 2015 ‘Paul’s Defence: History and Conscience Daniel Webster
31 August 2015 Portrait of a Pastor Paul Dale
31 August 2015 The manner of a pastor: Self Giving and Tears Daniel Webster
24 August 2015 Powerful Kingdom Change Daniel Webster
24 August 2015 Religious or Right with God? Paul Dale
16 August 2015 Resurrection: Idol correction Daniel Webster
29 June 2015 The God who opens and closes doors Paul Dale
29 June 2015 The advancing, freeing Word of the Lord Daniel Webster
22 June 2015 Grace, and grace alone! Paul Dale
22 June 2015 The verdict is grace alone; for mission, unity and joy. Daniel Webster