Bible Series

Jonah - The Running Man and the Unstoppable God

Jonah is a gripping true story of a reluctant prophet sent to the great City of Nineveh with a message of great hope for God’s archenemies. Through 58 verses, a ferocious storm, a near-drowning, 3 nights in a fish, and the remarkable repentance of one the scariest cities on the planet, Jonah meets his maker.

Jonah learns that Yahweh rules and is unstoppable in His compassionate commitment to saving His enemies.

Jonah’s world may seem a million miles away from ours, but we need God’s rescue in Jesus more than ever. Like the sailors and Nineveh, without God we are hopeless and helpless.

Through Jonah we rediscover our God. This book invites you to run with Yahweh on His quest to save His enemies as we hold out a salvation in Jesus, who gives hope like nothing else.

August 10, 2015


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